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Carla, long story short

Carla, long story short. This is me in my studio.  Posing of course, because if I was working that studio would be a disaster!  Those are real swatches for ethical and sustainable fashion for kids.  You can even see a sample hanging in the background.  I love using these colors because [...]

Blue Magic

Blue Magic Over the last few months, we have all been bombarded with the importance of washing our hands.  This simple exercise with water and soap can wash away dirt, bacteria, and life-threatening disease.  But how does soap kill germs?  The magic blue soap is one we all know and one that is [...]

Cleaning the Cleaning Machine

Cleaning the Cleaning Machine Ever get that musty smell in your washer?  That’s because it’s time to clean it!  Use this smelly washing machine vinegar cleanse to get rid of it!  If you tried wiping it, even with bleach, you’ll find that the smell comes back quickly.  Water [...]


Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Bicarbonate, more commonly known to us as Baking Soda shows up in many do-it-yourself recipes.  In baking of course, and as a “natural” or “sustainable” replacement in household cleaning products.  Baking soda for clothes stains removal is also [...]

coloring page

coloring page knit happens! Free downloadable coloring page.  Sign up, get your download and stay in the loop.  I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you stay sorted on your messiest laundry days. * required info first name * last name email * unraveling coloring page   eddys brand [...]

home school nyc

  Home School NYC  Learning Resources + Virtual Trips Let’s give it up for the teachers!  Teachers had to adjust to working from home which can be difficult for such a hands-on job and parents can benefit from Learning Resources and Virtual Trips.  From what is seen in NYC, the [...]

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illustrations by Elizabeth Stillwell

This is where we start.

Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Fashion, Slow Fashion, whatever you want to call it, it’s a work in progress.  As a start-up company, we are able to build a responsible workflow and supply chain.  We are deliberate about how and where we source all the materials that go into your kid’s eco-friendly outfit pack.  We are also focused on creating decent work and providing a living wage to all our contractors.

Why?  Because that’s the way it should be.

sustainable development goal 8
create decent jobs for all and improve living standards
sustainable development goal 12
do more with less and increase resource efficiency

In order to fit parents sustainable lifestyle plan, our garments are made ethically.  Sourced from second-hand sweaters, unraveled, and knit into essential sweater sets for kids.  No new cotton and no new plastic are used in our eco-friendly manufacturing.  Our sustainable goals include low and on-demand production, in small batches, and as they are ordered.  All our labor is done right here in the usa.  learn more about eddys brand here.

Compare our slow fashion process to traditional fashion manufacturing here.

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