eddys brand responsibly made clothing for babies and toddlers, tiny sweaters, big impact


welcome to eddys!

tiny sweater big impact

what we do


pick three items from our collection in your child’s size


we pack them up in our recycled (and recyclable) boxes


we ship to your doorstep, quarterly or as needed

how we do it

recycled yarn

we use recycled cotton yarns sourced from vintage sweaters…

sweaters are unravelled, washed, and wound so they can be reknit into your kids favorite comfy sweaters

natural dyes

dyes are made with plant materials…

our dyer works with east coast farming hub to dispose of used up dye baths as organic fertilizer at local farms


we’re taking it all back…our items and our competitors items…

send it all back!

we partner with local services that take your gently loved items and donate them to children in need

we’re now testing…


sign up to keep in touch…

we’re launching product for the fall!

what’s in the box?

your choice of 3 beautifully designed eddys brand sweaters made with 100% recycled cotton and dyed with natural dyes, no harmful chemicals.

what sizes does eddys offer?

we’re currently offering from Newborn to 3T

when can I order my box?

Soon! Stay tuned! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get info daily!

should I wash my “take-back” items before sending them to eddys?

no, all items will be laundered by us so you don’t have to…washing larger loads helps save water, soap, and energy!

can I send back items I didn’t buy from eddys?

yes…we actually encourage it!

what does eddys do with our “take-backs”?
wearable items are washed, sorted, and donated to children in need in the USA…
the rest we’re currently stockpiling!
current fashion systems don’t allow for easy recycling of materials, but there are players in the industry who are making huge strides in changing that…we’re going to hold on to these items until there is a solution, we will not toss or burn any items, ever!
I just need someone to talk to…
what sizes does eddys “take-back”?

we accept preemie to 12 year old sizes for take-backs


info@eddysbrand.com | whitestone, NY 11357

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