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eddys brand celebrates family and the spirit of connection and togetherness by creating essential garments for babies and toddlers, future big brothers and sisters, that can be passed down and are made to last through multiple rounds of grass stains, first teeth, and lots and lots of smiles.

Our low waste, sustainable children’s clothes are crafted with upcycled cotton from second-hand sweaters and made in the USA.  We also only make what we need so that all helps save water and CO2 emission in our manufacturing.

At the end, send it back to us!  Items in good condition will be donated to our friends at Little Essentials.  We can try to clean or repair the stained or damaged items for a second life.  If that fails, there are methods to recycle clothing into new fiber.  Either way, clothing is not garbage!

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Carla Farina as a kid wearing dope 80's sweater

the creator

My grandmother was the town seamstress and while this next anecdote may make some fashion brands cringe today, it was what it was. The women and girls in town would take pictures from the fashion magazines and bring them to my grandmother who would make replicas. If a small town in the USA had limited access to trends in the 1960s, the small town in Argentina where my mom grew up had almost zero access! The women and girls would rely on a business like my grandmother’s to make their outfits for parties and dances.

This is how my mom learned to sew and knit, something that she passed on to me at an early age. She always had a sewing project or was fiddling with knitting or crochet needles. Once, back in 1992, she bought a few different floral printed fabrics and made me a set of shorts and matching tops. I remember thinking I was the coolest kid in town!  Oh, did I mention we used glitter glue to outline some of the flowers?!

What has stayed with me is the need to create things that deserve to exist. The outfits my grandmother was making were each made for a specific person.  They were cherished by that person and passed on to other women in their family. While I no longer have the short sets my mom made, I still think about how happy they made me. This is what I hope to achieve for you and your family with eddys brand; items to be cherished for generations.  

Making sustainable children’s clothes in the USA

an interview with Andrea at NYCFTC

Andrea and I talk about Fair Trade, low waste, sustainably made clothes, and leading parallel lives in NYC.

We’re both graduates of F.I.T. – go tigers – who were not originally accepted, but in the age-old tradition of not taking no for an answer, we attended anyway!

Andrea is the founder of a sustainable mentoring agency, A.Bernadette. She is also the Chair of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition and a professor of International Trade in various NYC fashion universities.  More about other sustainable brands on the NYC Fair Trade Coalition Podcast Channel.

eddys brand makes sustainable children’s clothes in the USA

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