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Cleaning the Cleaning Machine

Ever get that musty smell in your washer?  That’s because it’s time to clean it!  Use this smelly washing machine vinegar cleanse to get rid of it!  If you tried wiping it, even with bleach, you’ll find that the smell comes back quickly.  Water and soap residue remains in certain areas of the machine and it needs to be cleaned from the inside, in areas you won’t be able to reach with a rag.

smelly washing machine vinegar


It’s Vinegar Again

Yup, it’s Distilled White Vinegar to the rescue again, this is a must-have in all pantries and laundry rooms.  Check out this post on how to use vinegar to combat smells.

Even though you pull clean clothes out of the washing machine, you still need to clean it periodically.  Run an empty, cold water load with 1 cup of Distilled White Vinegar in the detergent compartment and ½ cup of Distilled White Vinegar in the rinse compartment, this is the smelly washing machine vinegar cleanse!

illustration of distilled white vinegar

Illustration by Emily Felix of Reunion Yarn

It may sound counter-intuitive to run an empty load if you’re trying to live more sustainably.  Hear me out.  The machine needs to be cleaned from residues like soap build-up and water minerals.  Using a dirty machine lowers the performance and overall life of your washer.  You’ll end up using more water and energy by laundering in a dirty machine, and you may need to replace it years earlier than necessary.

Clean it at least once a year.

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