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Sweat and Smells

There are a few things you should always keep in the house that will help in maintaining more sustainable habits.   Distilled White Vinegar and Lemons are two that remove sweat stains naturally.  Used together or independently, these two are great at battling sweat stains and smells.  Whether it’s fresh sweat or a musty smell from a beautiful vintage find, read on.

remove sweat stains naturally with lemons

photo by Myfanwy Owen on Unsplash


Lemons are a must-have to remove sweat stains naturally on light and white items.  Squeeze juice right on the stained area and place the item out in the sun for one hour.  The acid in lemon juice breaks down the deodorant and the sun has a natural ability to whiten.  To help lower your carbon footprint, look for local lemons.  You can also grab organic lemons it’s an option in your market.  If you live in growing zones 8-11 and are lucky enough to have a yard, grow a lemon tree!  Store lemons in the fridge to extend their life.

illustration of stinky vintage sweater

Illustration by Emily Felix of Reunion Yarn

Distilled White Vinegar

When I was a kid I would get carsick, it was not a motion thing because I loved roller coasters.  In a car, though I would get sick…bleh…even when going on short rides.  After washing, strong smells like upchuck and sweat can linger.  Distilled White Vinegar is the secret weapon.  First, follow the steps to pretreat and prevent stains from this post.  Then, soak the item in water and vinegar for at least an hour.  Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will dissipate…this works well on carpets too if you have a kid or pet at home who has accidents.

illustration of distilled white vinegar

Illustration by Emily Felix of Reunion Yarn

There are two main ways of manufacturing Distilled White Vinegar, synthetic or fermented.  Both can create the final product that is 5% acetic acid, the chemical name of vinegar.  In the US, the FDA maintains that acetic acid that is synthetically manufactured and diluted to 5% cannot be sold as vinegar.5  Rest assured if you are buying a product labeled as Distilled White Vinegar, you are buying the fermented kind.  There is a big brand out there toting their Distilled White Vinegar is and has always been natural, but remember that the word natural is not regulated so anyone can just slap it on a label.  The other downside, it comes in plastic bottles.  Try to locate a bulk shop near you that may refill your empty bottles.

#consistencychallenge: July 2020

1. “CPG Sec. 525.825 Vinegar, Definitions.” March 1995. Food and Drug Administration, Accessed May 27 2020.



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