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Kids Activity and Craft Ideas

Here is the curated list of kids activity and craft ideas.  I’ve sorted through the internet and found activities with the best instructions and the least amount of ads.  First, a quick list of the materials you’ll need and should have already.  Enjoy!  Share this list with your friends, and share your pics with me @eddys_brand!

Remember to recycle paper when you’re done, tape, unfortunately, is garbage.


  • cardboard box…that fits your kid
  • toilet paper rolls…you have them!
  • construction paper
  • paper plates
  • scissors for kids
  • white glue or glue stick
  • tape, painters tape or masking tape
  • crayons
  • markers
  • paint and brushes

Looking to keep your kid focused on home school?  Check out this post on creative learning!


If you build it, they will come…


Airplane for Kids

Difficulty: easy
Supplies: cardboard, scissors, tape, crayons or paint

This is really easy, some cutting, some folding.  If you’ve got a helmet and walkie you’re set!


diy indoor obstacle course kids activity ideas

Obstacle Course Activity

Difficulty: easy
Supplies: tape

This was inspired by my SIL who created an outdoor obstacle course for her kids.  Hers was much more elaborate, with a slide, cones to run around, and hitting a baseball at the end.  Scroll down on the link to find this one.


Bigfoot Shoes

Difficulty: medium
Supplies: cardboard, scissors, crayons or paint

Putting big shoes on little feet always cracks me!  You’re going to have to do the cutting on this, the toes are quite advanced.  Let your kid help out with the coloring.


Kids Pirate Ship Activity

Difficulty: medium
Supplies: cardboard, scissors, tape, crayons or paint

One of my nephews turned his rocking chair upside down and used it as a space ship for hours!  Imagine if they build an actual ship! They can be pirates, then explorers, or Moana ™!


diy kids craft cardboard box dinosaur costume


Difficulty: hard
Supplies: 3 cardboard boxes, scissors, tape, markers or paint

Save this one for Halloween!  The instructions say to spray paint, but I would let your kid have at the cardboard with paint and markers before you assemble it.  That will be a lot more fun.



Craft Ideas


DIY kids craft paper plate party hat crowns

Crown Craft

Difficulty: easy
Supplies: paper plate, scissors, glue, construction paper, and any art supplies you have especially glitter!

I’d love to see a family set of crowns that everyone wears them at dinner.  Don’t forget to send me pics!  Maybe the king or queen will go on a voyage in their new Pirate Ship?


DIY toilet paper roll binocular


Difficulty: easy
Supplies: toilet paper rolls, tape, crayons or paint

Just tape two rolls together like in the picture.  So easy!  Then have your kids go hunting…remember, you have to be very quiet!


DIY construction paper mosaic easter eggs

Mosaic Easter Eggs

Difficulty: easy
Supplies: construction paper in a few colors, scissors, glue

The instructions say to cut the colors and place them neatly, but I think it would be more fun to rip it up!


Butterfly Hands

Difficulty: medium
Supplies: construction paper, glue, paint or crayons

You can use toilet paper rolls, clothes pins, plastic spoons, popsicle sticks, even a different color construction paper for the body.  Paint your kids hand and make rainbow handprints instead.  No limits here!


diy toilet paper roll tree

Weirwood Tree

Difficulty: medium
Supplies: construction paper, toilet paper rolls, glue, paint

This crafter used construction paper for the rolls, but you can easily slice up a toilet paper roll.  Have the kids paint the cardboard first.  Challenge: make it a Weirwood.


diy paper plate painted dragon


Difficulty: hard
Supplies: paper plate, scissors, glue, paint

For those of you who are GoT fans, you have instructions here for the eggs, the ships, and the crowns.


That’s all folks!

There’s a work-in-progress list on my Pinterest page with tons of ideas.  If you don’t have any of these materials, send me a list of what you have and I’ll send you ideas.


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