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update: We had such a great time last month, we’re doing it again!  unraveling continued!
check out a highlights video and link to the free presentation here!

join us for a swap + mend + chat


sweater to yarn circularity

courtesy of Emily Felix / Reunion Yarn Co.

Wednesday, February 25th | 6:30pm | LIM College

We’re getting together with our friends at NYC Fair Trade Coalition to talk all things sweaters!  Mostly how to make those ugly sweaters from Goodwill, your dad’s closet, even your own closet, into something you love.

In the past, I used to leave thrift stores empty-handed after browsing through racks full of beautiful garments because they weren’t perfect.  Over the years I’ve learned many tricks to look beyond the hanging items and see the gems.

On Wednesday, February 25th, we’ll chat about how to spot those sweater gems that can be unraveled and turned into your new favorite scarf, coasters, plant holder, wall hanging, tent, everything is made of yarn so you get it…

There will also be a clothing swap, so come by to say hi!  RSVP Here!



eddys brand celebrates family and the spirit of connection and togetherness by creating essential garments for babies and toddlers, future big brothers and sisters, that can be passed down and are made to last through multiple rounds of grass stains, first teeth, and lots and lots of smiles.


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