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welcome to eddys!

tiny sweater big impact

what we do


pick three items from our collection in your child’s size


we pack them up in our recycled (and recyclable) boxes


we ship to your doorstep, quarterly or as needed

how we do it

recycled yarn

we use recycled cotton yarns sourced from vintage sweaters…

sweaters are unravelled, washed, and wound so they can be reknit into your kids favorite comfy sweaters

natural dyes

dyes are made with plant materials…

our dyer works with east coast farming hub to dispose of used up dye baths as organic fertilizer at local farms


we’re taking it all back…our items and our competitors items…

send it all back!

we partner with local services that take your gently loved items and donate them to children in need

we’re now testing…


sign up to keep in touch…

we’re launching product for the fall!

I consent to eddys brand collecting my details through this form.

what payment methods do you accept?

we accept all major credit card payments through PayPal, you can also use any payment you have saved with them.

what if I need to change my order?

for one-time orders, we can make changes if your pack hasn’t shipped yet. please contact us (shipping@eddysbrand.com) and we’ll do what we can to make the changes.

if the items have already been shipped, you will need to place a new order and return the original items once they are received.

for subscriptions, please see your account.

what sizes does eddys offer?

we’re currently offering from newborn to 3T, we are planning on adding larger sizes. sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we do!

i just need someone to talk to…
do you ship to p.o. boxes?

yes, we can ship to p.o. boxes.

do you ship internationally?

we are only shipping to the United States, if you’re located outside the usa, send us a note and tell us where you are to hello@eddysbrand.com. we’re looking to ship to more places soon.

are eddys items machine washable?

yes! we recommend a gentle cycle with warm water, medium heat when drying. we know sometimes life gets messy so you can wash in hot water when needed. use your favorite detergent and softener for best results. our items are pre-washed and steamed, so you should not anticipate shrinkage.

are eddys items really made in the usa?

yup! our yarns may come from sweaters that were originally made in various parts of the world, but the unravelling is done in Virginia, our dye house is in Pennsylvania, and we work with contract knitters in New York and South Carolina.

do you have clothes for boys and girls?

yes! our shapes and styles are classic and we added flair through lots of colors!

what size should I order?

see our sizing chart. to ensure you can trust our fit, we based our sizing off the most popular children’s wear brands and a large sample of real little kids! we took measures to create easy wear items that can be styled to fit a size range. we also pre-wash and steam items so you should not anticipate shrinkage.

what are my options for take-backs?

you can fill out a form to send your items to us to take care of. if you’d like to donate items locally instead, please consult baby2baby for a drop-off location — we recommend this organization because they donate items rather than sell them.

can i send back items i didn’t buy from eddys brand?

yes…we actually encourage it!

how do i cancel my subscription?

you can cancel your subscription on your account page.

can i buy subscriptions for all my kids?

yes, you can buy as many subscriptions as you’d like!

can i switch between a subscription and a one-time purchase?

yes, you can. visit your account.

can i buy a gift subscription?

sorry, we cannot process gift subscriptions at this time. if you’d like to buy a gift, we recommend you purchase a one-time eddys pack to give as a gift.

how long until i get my pack?

we ship USPS priority so you should receive your items within 4 days, not including Saturdays or Sundays. https://www.usps.com/priority-mail/map/

should i wash my “take-back” items before sending them to eddys brand?

no, all items will be laundered by us so you don’t have to…by washing larger loads we can help save water, soap, and energy!

i need to make a change to my subscription, but i missed the window, what do i do?

oh no! please contact us immediately, shipping@eddysbrand.com and we’ll see how we can help.

what does eddys do with my “take-backs”?

wearable items are washed, sorted, and donated to children in need in the USA…the rest we’re currently stockpiling!

current fashion systems don’t allow for easy recycling of materials, but there are players in the industry who are making huge strides in changing that…we’re going to hold on to these items until there is a solution, we will not toss or burn any items, ever!

what sizes does eddys brand “take-back”?

we accept preemie to 5-year-old sizes for take-backs.

when will my pack ship?

we ship USPS priority within 48 hours of receiving your order. check your email inbox for updates. 

is a signature required for delivery?

no signature is required.

what does shipping cost?

there is a flat fee of $5 for shipping for each eddys pack for one-time purchase and subscriptions. we can combine shipping for up to 3 packs.

what if my subscription is not automatically renewed?

hmmm. this may have happened for a few reasons, please contact us to resolve this together, billing@eddysbrand.com.

how long does my subscription last?

your subscription renews automatically every three months until your child outgrows our sizes. right now, we offer sizes up to 3T.

when does my subscription renew?

your subscription will automatically renew, and you will be charged, every three months.

how do I manage my subscription?

go to your account where you can select the items for your next shipment, update your payment info, your shipping address, or (although we’d hate to see it happen) cancel your subscription.

what is included in my subscription?

you will receive one eddys pack with your choice of 3 beautifully designed eddys brand items every three months.

can there be color differences between my items and items pictured on the site?

some gradual differences, yes. We take care to match a set to the same yarn so color won’t vary within a set.

the colors that are sourced from vintage sweaters come from various brands. we take measures to control the range of shades in a particular color. this creates a unique, one of a kind, aesthetic to our items.

when will I be charged?

the first subscription will be charged on checkout. the renewal will be charged on the same day every three months.

can I use bleach?

no. do not use bleach. bleach will drastically change the color and weaken the fibers.

my kid needs different sizes for top and bottom. can I do that?


what if my item is stained?

use your go-to stain remover. it’s ok to pre-treat and soak items.

what’s in the eddys pack?

your choice of 3 beautifully designed eddys brand sweaters made with 100% upcycled cotton


info@eddysbrand.com | whitestone, NY 11357

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